Mental pictures of Summer 2019

In the last week, Levi has gotten more creative in how he wakes me up in the morning. Of course, he wakes up at his normal time between 5-6:30am because our work schedule had him conditioned to wake up at this time and drink his morning bottle before diaper change and loading the car on our way to GiGi’s so mommy and daddy can go to work. No one told Levi that summertime meant he didn’t have to wake up between 5-6:30am. However, I am happy to say that he has learned summertime means that after that morning bottle he snuggles up with me and usually we fall blissfully back to sleep for a couple more hours. So the creative wake ups are the ones post snuggle. This week he has pulled the sheets back to give me a raspberry, he has ‘got my nose’, and he has stuck his finger in my ear. Although I have no idea where he learned the latter, I was tickled at his goofy and playful approach to waking me. I am typically more of a grouch than a morning person but playing with my little man is definitely the best part of waking up.

Father’s Day weekend we enjoyed swimming, ping-pong, croquet, and brisket at GiGi and Papa’s house.

At the end of June, we took Levi ‘camping’ at my Grandma’s by pitching a tent in her lakeside front yard. We had a blast despite many mosquito bites. Levi enjoyed crawling in the grass and chasing the dogs and cat, even while he was feeling under the weather. It feels like Levi has had a virus every month for most of the last six months. The doctors say it is normal and nothing to worry about but I have decided I hate viruses because there is no medicine or way to help, we are told just to ‘wait it out’ and ‘let it takes it course.’ Which, as any parent knows, leaves you feeling utterly helpless while your baby is in pain.

For July 4th, Nate drove to Midland to see his Dad and Ross and the girls. Levi and I stayed home and Rachel came to spend the week with us. Nate and Ross popped off lots of fireworks with the girls and Nona and Pa. Rachel, Levi and I went to my parents house to swim and watch fireworks over the lake. It was really a precious week for us and for Nate. We are going to Odessa in a few weeks together to help his Dad get the house ready to eventually sell and move.

This past weekend we drove to Granbury to visit my friend Amanda and her family who actually live in Montana and only get to come to Texas once or twice a year. They didn’t come down last year because she was pregnant with Finley so it had been an extra long time since I had hugged their necks. And I hadn’t met baby Finley yet who is now 7 months and already crawling everywhere and pulling herself up! We also got to see my cousin Chris who just moved to Granbury with his wife and kiddos. His wife and kiddos were in Dallas this weekend for her nephews birthday party so we only saw Chris but we had a good time hanging out. Levi loved playing with Chris. And with Amanda’s daughters. We also got to hang with Rachel who lives an hour from there. It was a nice little getaway and we have really enjoyed getting to take some trips this summer.

Levi still isn’t walking on his own but he has stayed standing more often by himself and for a little longer each time. He has 9 teeth now! He is 22 pounds and 31 inches long. Also, he is starting to look a little chunkier since being on regular whole milk and solid foods, no more Nutramigen formula. He loves meat by itself (no gravy, sauce or condiments of any kind), potatoes, fruits, chips, bread, some veggies and especially loves chocolate.

Today, he showed us he can climb DOWN the stairs! It was pretty crazy! We haven’t taught him to climb down like that so it was very cool. He loves climbing on anything and everything. He likes to pretend to type on the laptop and shut it really quickly when he sees me coming lol. He is strong and loves to push the heavy wooden kitchen chairs all around. He loves watching signing time while eating breakfast and getting his patch time in in the morning. He also enjoys sesame street, word party, and pocoyo when I’m trying to get house chores done. When we are watching TV he likes to turn off and on the Xbox or the TV with the buttons on the devices themselves or with the remotes. He loves remotes and controllers. Last night he showed us he knows how to open ALL our doors, they all have handles instead of knobs so he has really enjoyed being able to open successfully on most of his attempts. We are definitely into the get into everything phase but it is hilarious and fun. Tonight he also made the most hilarious little excited screech. He was eating a few bites of brownie from Nate while sitting in between us on the couch. When he turned my direction and realized I also has brownie he let us his little excited screech realizing there was MORE chocolate haha. He is definitely my kid.

I love how cuddly he is! He really enjoys hugs and loving on each other, and even just cuddling whenever, wherever. I am cherishing all this sweet affection even more because I know one day he will be ‘too cool’ and ‘too big’ to cuddle with his mama.

Hopefully next week we will make it to the splash pad for Levi’s first time.


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